Update - Sample Chapter Underway!

I’m hard at work on the sample chapter that will go out with the call for proposals! You can check out the (work in progress! very incomplete!) sample chapter on Payday Lending at https://web.stevenson.edu/mbranson/math-for-the-people.html. I’ll be posting updates as I add more content to the chapter, but I think there’s enough here to get an idea of what the text will look like.


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This looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing your work in progress! Having flipped through, some things really stand out as nice recurring elements:

  • I like how definitions are highlighted and formatted. I believe these can also be compiled into a glossary?
  • The coloured textboxes to draw attention to questions and key concepts is very nice.
  • Hide/show features for problems and solutions seem to be working very well. I really like the “Hint” feature that you’ve utilized for more difficult problems.
  • The formulae are rendering very clearly too (in accessible MathJax from the looks of it).

The only comment I have is to include a title for 1.1, where you list out the Objectives for the chapter, but I suspect this is already on your list as you make progress with the chapter.

All the more impressive knowing that this is your first time using pre-TeXt. Were there any specific challenges that you found?