Using the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI)

@misbell I know you’re thinking about ways to use the TEI platform with this project, and I wanted to connect you with @allisonbrown. Mary is an Assistant Professor of English at University of New Haven, and is currently setting up the university’s open pedagogy and OER initiative in addition to working on this project. Allison Brown is the Digital Publishing Services Manager at SUNY Geneseo with a lot of experience supporting and guiding OER projects of various shapes and forms.

Allison, I wonder if you’d be willing to talk about your experience using TEI on the Island Heritage project? I think you used TEI with PubPub, so if you could talk about the process for integration and what made you land on those two publishing tools versus other ones on the market, that would be super helpful.

Thank you for this introduction, @apurva! @allisonbrown, I would be very grateful for your perspective on my project. You can see a brief description at the project homepage here; it’s still in the very early stages. My energy now is focused on curating (and perhaps seeking grant funding to create) publication solutions for faculty who invest energy in learning the TEI to prepare documentary editions for (and with) their students. If I’m going to focus on introducing faculty to the TEI (I’m a devotee, though I know from experience how intimidating and discouraging the TEI can be), I want to find ways for faculty to access a transformation interface that produces HTML that can be brought into their course platform of choice. I currently use TAPAS when teaching the TEI to undergrads and have also used Pressbooks and Hypothesis to prepare texts for classroom use. I’m looking for ways to get the most from these platforms (perhaps a plugin for Pressbooks that could facilitate more complex HTML?) and possibly discover/create more publication options. I’d love to learn more about how you got TEI into pubpub.