Welcome to Phase 2! Our Meeting is Thursday, June 2


I am really looking forward to our first phase 2 session today. As a reminder/refresher, please review the Phase 1 Session 12 handout.

We will sign up for Phase 2 1:1 meetings today as well. Please use this spreadsheet.

Please post your goals/ steps/ possible anticipated challenge(s) as a reply to this thread. This will be our reminder for what we plan to focus on in the coming weeks.

I’ve now drafted a good portion of Chapter 1 (HOORAY!), as well as bits of another chapter.

My goals for this summer are to:

  • meet weekly with Julia for 2 hours to work on content, get feedback, and address issues
  • finish drafting chapter 1
  • translate the chapter into PressBooks so as to have a “finalized” sample chapter
  • develop an assignment for my graduate students to compose (parts of) a chapter
  • develop guidelines for contributors (including my grad students)

My main collaborator and I are currently focused on two publications we have due this summer, so I’m disappointed that we cannot work on this together yet. So this is currently our biggest challenge. I know we’d be moving much faster if this was all we had to work on.

I also anticipate that it will be difficult to manage submissions from graduate students. However, I am happy with the idea that the fall semester’s work will just be the beginning.

Last, time is always a challenge. I’ll be teaching two grad courses plus serving as the Writing Program Administrator in the fall (thus, supervising ~90 teachers). I’m so glad I will build in content writing in my grad classes, so that will help keep the project going. But I’m also nervous about finding time to do my own content creation.

My goals for the next month are to:

  • Provide cover design feedback to Su Lin & contact a few designer friends…
  • Sign up for my next 1:1 meeting w/LL
  • Create a draft of a timeline w/project milestones, meeting dates, and deliverables
  • Contact potential collaborators/contributors and reviewers (already made initial contact w/some)
  • Write at least two sample chapters


  • My full-time job; vacation

Supports I’ll need

  • My boss’ generosity
  • My time management skills
  • Responsive contributors, other team members’ patience

I will begin work with my research assistant on June 6. We will review objectives, and commence research and writing. I am talking now with Scott and Shamecca, and they stand by with expertise on ingestion into Manifold, design, and editing as the need arises. But for the month of June, I hope to write and Felix, the student, will do the same.

Barb Syrrakos, June 2, 2022

Wow, @mwatson2 ! This is exciting! Here’s a link to our sample chapter forum.

Regarding graduate student submissions, do you have a content management system in place for this? It can be as simple as a shared Google Drive folder with a spreadsheet that tracks submissions where students can share their work. We will talk more about licensing in July–I also recommend making sure students have licensed their work. Here’s a very rudimentary Google Form example I use for our Undergraduate Student Journal at CWI to collect author information and licensing permissions.

This is a great plan, Barbara!

sample chapter is completed!

our goals for our next meeting :
formatting of chapter 1 completed
and sample videos images and charts for chapters 1&2

having the majority of the chapters completed by August so we can test it in our classes and get students in the Fall to give us feedback

solving formatting issues
coordinating models with our schedules

Unfortunately, I missed our last meeting (June 2, 2022). I have a 1-1 meeting with Liza altrady scheduled (juen 30 @ 1.30pm) and another meeting with Su Yin for the book cover. Things are moving along, albeit slowly. My main goal for the 6/30 meeting with Liza is to have a draft for a sample chapter.

@apiza we missed you, but it sounds like you are right on track! I am looking forward to seeing the sample chapter.