Working your way through testing? Comment here when you've created your project!

If you’re following our suggested steps for testing, drop a comment here once you’ve created a project and want someone from the Rebus team to head in and play around with it.

@zoe I created a project called Intro to Building Wildlife Habitat Gardens.

@klaurits Thanks Karen! Looks great, and I believe you have a new contributor, if you’d like to take another look…

@zoe I just created a Introduction to Communication Theory project. Take a look and play around with it.

@JeremySmith Looking good, Jeremy! You should have a couple more volunteers and comments when you next log in.

@zoe – I was a little slow in getting started, but I’ve now got a sample project called The “Objectivists.”

@swagstaff Looking good! Have just added a couple of comments and volunteered for an activity, so take a look at the moderation process if you like.

I’m also slow in getting around to doing this! I’m sorry about that. I created a project called Introduction to Philosophy: Readings.

@clhendricksbc Thanks Christina! Have left some comments etc. :slight_smile: (also hope we can make this one happen for real - we have a good model for anthologies)