April Monthly Check-in

Hi @may20-cohort! Our April monthly check-in is, well, taking place in March — tomorrow at 3:30pm ET. This is our penultimate check-in for the program, so I’m really hoping that most of you can make it. We’ll do a deep dive into your projects, discuss major obstacles/challenges you might be facing or milestones that you might have hit. So come ready to discuss your work!

As with our other sessions, I’ll be carving out time to discuss anything personal with the cohort, since I know there is a lot to have processed over the past few weeks.

Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow on Zoom.

Thanks everyone for joining me at last week’s session! I found it helpful to hear about the timelines for your projects as you gear up to release your resources this year (or next). As always, I’ve saved our chat transcript for reference and rounded up a list of the links shared:

Based on our conversation, it sounds like these are the timelines that you have outlined for your projects and tasks that you anticipate needing assistance on. I’ve done my best to jot down what I hear during our session below. Please correct me if I’m wrong or if you have more to share!

  • GlobalMusix:
    • Target release date: Fall 2021
    • Currently beta-testing the resource in classroom and will gather student artefacts to include in the book. Formatting in Pressbooks is also underway.
    • The team is presenting about the project at the M.O.S.T. State Summit this week!
    • Next steps include coordinating with an accessibility expert for a review of model chapters (text, video, audio) and H5P exercises in the book.
    • Work in the summer will involve revisions to content, formatting, and finalizing student contributions.
  • Math for the People:
    • Target release date: May 2022
    • The team is presenting about the project at the M.O.S.T. State Summit this week!
    • Currently receiving a lot of interest from potential collaborators via Facebook, email, and other avenues. A formal Call for Authors will soon be announced.
    • Next steps involve sharing the call for authors, onboarding new team members, conducting information sessions, and overseeing the content creation process.
    • Broad timeline beyond the summer: Copyediting and review in the Fall; Revisions and formatting in Winter; releasing the book in May 2022 so it is available for use in Spring/Fall courses.
    • Goal is to allow the book to solve the engagement problem with students, and allow them to co-select the 8 modules of the text they will be working on over a 16 week semester.
  • Lifelong Fitness and Wellness:
    • Target release date: Fall 2021
    • Currently writing the last few modules of the text and simultaneously formatting in Pressbooks.
    • The team is presenting about the project at the M.O.S.T. State Summit this week!
    • Next steps include formatting all the final modules, creating and adding more interactive content via H5P to each.
    • Following final reviews, the book will be ready to use in the Fall this year.
  • Case Studies for Community Psychology:
    • Target release date: Fall 2021
    • Things are currently going well with peer review — the team is waiting on a final set of chapters to be reviewed before revisions can be made and are already testing formatting options in Pressbooks.
    • They are currently preparing to present about the book in an upcoming Midwest Psychology Conference this month.
    • Next steps following review include formatting the text; adding interactive content and images; and final checks.
    • @geripalmer: as promised, here are some inclusive image collections:
    • The target is to get the book along as much as possible by June to present at a major conference in the field.
  • Exploring Children’s Literature:
    • Target release date: @jenny.piazza I think you said Fall 2021, but I may be mistaken!
    • The team is making a lot of headway with initial drafts and research for writing. They are reviewing and editing drafts with a lens to their ideas around the opportunity and anti-oppression canons. Formatting tests are also underway.
    • Next steps include completing chapter drafts (tackled in sets of 5), tackling the edits and review process as a team, and onboarding a new volunteer to assist with editing or formatting.
    • The team is being very intentional about their timeline so they can publish a text that is of highest-value and impact.
  • Educación Ciudadana:
    • @wernerwestermannj we missed you at last week’s session, but always look forward to hearing updates that you might have to share. Let us know how things are on your end!

If there are any ways that I can offer support in these tasks outlined, please let me know! Ans remember, our next session on April 27th is our final check-in, so come ready to do some sharing and reflecting about your project and your experience in the program so far.