Chapter 7 Notes

@rbroussard3 @kellis1 @tspahn
I (sort of) finished section 7.1. For some reason the first set of exercises won’t show the box. It’s in the document when I am editing, but when I preview, it disappears. I’ve tried deleting it and putting it back in and typing everything in there instead of copy paste. It will appear if I have another set of exercises (that doesn’t show the box) above it, but I’m giving up on trying to make it work at this point. If anyone could find the fix, I would appreciate it. Also, Example 4 has a line at the top that I can’t make go away. It’s the same sort of issue. It’s not there when I’m editing, but when I preview, the line shows up.

@ashley.segalla @rbroussard3 @tspahn I saw what you were talking about Ashley. I copied the first couple of examples and exercises into a chapter in the sandbox. On a whim, I put another Exercise Text Box onto Excercise 1. In the editor, it looks like a textbox within a textbox, but in the permanent view it looks like it’s supposed to look. Go figure. I made a Chapter in the sandbox called Kiel. Check it out. I can’t seem to do anything about the line right now. There was a line i had trouble with way back in Chapter 1, but I don’t know what I did to get rid of it.