Contracts and Beta Testing

Hello All,
Where does contract signing fit in the timeline? Before or after beta testing?
It would seem that the contract is signed when everything is done, so is beta testing considered part of editing, yes?

Hi @danielle … which contract?

Hi @hugh : Author Contracts. Thanks for the question. I should have clarified.
In other words, I am beginning to move to an assumption that you do beta testing as part of editing, so the author contracts happen after authors have a final version (post editing, post beta testing) to approve. Yes?

@danielle Hi Danielle! In terms of beta testing, we tend to group that as part of the review process, rather than editing.

To your other point, we obviously don’t work with author contracts in the same way a traditional publisher would, but would expect that usually happens at the very beginning of the process, no? If you’d like, we might get a better idea of the purpose of the contract if we could take a look at it. Could you maybe send a copy my way? That way we can hopefully give some better input.

@zoe Sure, Zoe! Thanks!