Krysta McNutt, Alberta, Canada

Hi Everyone! I’m a project manager / change practitioner in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Most recently, I was the program manager for the Campus Alberta Open Educational Resources Initiative. This project absolutely changed my life. Incredible work being done by incredible people. With the conclusion of provincial funding, I’m now a passionate community member of the Alberta OER CoP ( I’ve been managing education-related projects in post-secondary for over 10 years and as a contractor for the past 4 (plug: I’m currently seeking more work!).

I’m really excited to join this group. I find all the work happening in this space so inspiring. I want to collaborate on open projects and get a broader exposure to the world of open education.

Great to meet you all!


Hi Krysta! Welcome to the Rebus Community! I see that you’ve found some projects that you’d like to work on. We share your enthusiasm and are glad to have you on board!