Moderation Queue

This is related to my previous direct message/tagging request. In thinking through situations where we have an immediate need to contact someone, I think it would be most helpful to have an option to contact potential contributors from the moderation queue. I’d like to see an email/contact/message button here along with accept and delete. I hope we can discuss interim solutions for making contact with team members in today’s meeting. See you soon! !1531921225925-upload-80188cdc-a987-43f8-8a4c-91a20f9603e0.png

@michelle.reed The “Team” or “Moderation Queue” menus are definitely good places for a contact/message button! Unfortunately, we’ve had to cancel the call today (postponed to the same time next week). I’ll speak with Zoe about an interim solution to contact team members, and try to share one with you before the next call.

Thanks @apurva - much appreciated!

@michelle.reed No problem! I’ll see what we can come up with, and be in touch soon. :slight_smile:

@michelle-reed Zoe and I had a quick chat, and unfortunately, there’s currently no mechanism for a user to contact/message another user, or tag them in discussions. However, if any user has commented on a discussion, they should receive an email notification when a new comment is posted in that thread. So you could try leaving a comment on, say, the “Introductions” thread to contact potential/confirmed contributors! Once someone has joined a project, they should also receive email notifications with updates to the project (unless they have modified notification settings on their user profile).

As we move forward with improvements to the software, we’ll definitely be looking into some type of communications mechanism between users/team members.