New Features & Bug Fixes Released (Feb 4)

Hi all!

We’ve released a few new features and fixes on the platform today. No major changes are included, but it should make using the platform a little smoother.

  • Contributor Marketplace: Any topic in a project discussion space can now be surfaced in the Contributor Marketplace by tagging it #cfp. This removes the need to duplicate content, and allows project admins to manage their calls for participation within their project space, while still signaling to the wider Rebus Community that they are seeking contributors. Tagging a topic #cfp will also flag it for our team to share the word in our network!

  • Call for Participation Links: You can now link to a call for participation in your discussion space directly from the “Participation” block on your project homepage. When you select a project need, a corresponding field will appear where you can enter a link to a Rebus Community topic tagged #cfp.

  • Login/logout from project homepage: We have resolved an issue where logging in from a project homepage would land you on a redirect page. Logging in or out from a project homepage will now return you to that page.

  • A handful of other small bugs and under-the-hood changes have also been resolved.

As always, let us know if you have any questions or feedback! Thanks :slight_smile:

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