Open Resources Thread

Hi @oct22-a-cohort folks,

I’m creating this thread for resources that might be useful in your OER. Please also contribute if you see any that might be good for others in the cohort.

@JenSloan I found this Sociology of Immigration site from Brooklyn College. It’s a mix of open and library resources

@elin.waring @JenSloan and @mporos - I thought you might be interested that there’s an article in Teaching Sociology - The Opportunity of Now: Adopting Open Educational Resources in the Sociology Classroom and Beyond arguing that sociology is well-positioned as a discipline to teach with OER

I’ll share more resources as I find them, but feel free to add as you find too :slight_smile:

Thanks, Stacy, these both look like great resources!

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@ayali the topic of positive psychology came up on an OER listserv that I’m on. The resources suggested (which you may have seen) are:
The Handbook of Well-Being and this similar course.

Hope those are useful and you are doing well!

Nice! thanks!
The similar course link author seems to have created a remix of the text I was using last semester! I’m going to check it out; she may have added the things I noted were missing. Excited to see what she did with it and could help me further hone what my contribution might be.

Hi all,

This upcoming event at Baruch might be of interest - CUNY 1969: What We Learn from a Year of Unrest, Student Activism, and the Struggle for Black and Puerto Rican Representation at CUNY.

@elin.waring and @bridgetalepore, I thought this might be of interest as a resource for the history of academia-type part of your OER.