Phase 2: September 1:1 Check-In (October 2022 B Cohort)

We’ve made it another Friday @oct22-b-cohort,

Thanks to those who could join today’s sessions! If you weren’t able to attend your group’s check-in today, please revisit the recordings available. Apologies to the College Algebra team for not getting your session recorded!

We had some great chats today and it sounds like all your teams are nearing the finish line of completing your books - congratulations!! I know this time of the year is especially busy for y’all, so I really appreciate you taking the time out of your day to chat. Below are a couple of links that were shared with all teams:

  • Back Matter - About the Authors: we chatted about adding a back matter section with brief bios for all of you to highlight the work you’ve all done!

  • Front Matter: How to Use this Book: we chatted about the idea of adding a “how to use this book” in the front matter. You can cater this to students (as this example shows) OR you can add a note to faculty teaching with the material to explain your rationale for certain sections. For example, if you’ve added technology into the OER to support students who haven’t taken a per-requisite course.

Reminder that next month marks our last TSP session! You and your teams have come so far this past year and I’m so excited to spend next month reflecting on the year with y’all! We’ll meet up one last time as a cohort and chat about lessons learned, look ahead to the future of your OER, and spend some time filling out a final survey and getting your certificates.

Looking forward to coming together one last time and celebrating how far you’ve all come!

Hope y’all have a wonderful weekend and a smooth month ahead!

Chat soon,

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