Phase 2: Session 1 - Cohort Meeting April 9

Hey there @jan24-cohort ,

Reminder that we’ll be meeting tomorrow at 11am-12:30pm for our first session in Phase 2! Reminder that this is an all cohort meeting, so we’ll be meeting with everyone.

Please be prepared to provide updates on your teams and projects.

Here’s the Zoom link: [Launch Meeting - Zoom]

See you then!

Hi @jan24-cohort ,

Thanks for a great session today! It was lovely to see you all and hear your projects are coming along - everyone is making such great progress!! Here is a link to our session chat.

Today we chatted about Phase 2 and what we can all expect from it. We went over the Phase 2 folder in the Curriculum Hub and how it offers you some additional resources and a checklist outlining the deliverables needed from Rebus in Phase 2. Note that Phase 2 sessions are a lot more flexible and conversational than Phase 1. Please make sure you’re bringing questions, topics, and updates on your projects to every session. Since these are monthly sessions, it’s especially important to reiterate your team’s monthly goals at these sessions and provide updates at the following session or in the forum.

Some topics that were mentioned in the Phase 1 Survey to discuss in Phase 2 were:

  • Accountability in actually doing the writing
  • Accessibility and inclusive design
  • Review and feedback - this will be a session in September in Phase 3
  • Post-release and adoptions - this will be a session in September in Phase 3
  • Showing off chapters/resources with cohorts in June

If you have other topics you’d like to discuss, or specific questions around the listed topics, please comment below and fill out the Phase 1 Survey if you haven’t done so already.

Below is a brief outline of what we’ll touch on in the next two sessions:

May’s 1:1 Session - we’ll focus on accountability. Keeping you and your team accountable and checking in on your goals you set for the month. Please be sure to sign up for a timeslot in the sign up spreadsheet (under the tab “Phase 2, Session 2 May 1:1).

June’s Cohort Session - Show and Tell. Please bring along something from your project (a chapter, author guide, table of contents, etc.) to share with the cohort. We’ll offer feedback and answer questions you may have about it! We’ll also focus on the review and feedback process at this session.

Please comment below what you and your team’s goals are for the month, and I’ll check in with you all next month!

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Hello @kaitlin , thank you for facilitating this wonderful session and this summary. From Open Stax Chemistry 2e team, we set the following goals:

  • Complete the remaining pages’ (after chapter 10) formatting for our adaptation
  • Finishing the faculty profile

Thanks for sharing your team’s goals, @ariful.shanil ! Looking forward to hearing how things progress over the next month!

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Here are our goals!

  • Iwona
    • complete instructional design review of chapters 1-4 and 6
  • Connor
    • SoTL stuff completely input (parts 1 and 2)
    • Copyedit according to decisions we made in author’s guide
    • French part of speech section (adjectifs possessifs)
  • Julie
    • Read the Kim Mitchell paper finally
    • Finish chapter 5, fill in gaps in chapter 4 and the kinds of morphemes chapter
    • Reorder the chapters
    • My long to-do list of ideas I had during the semester but didn’t implement right away
    • Make a timeline for remainder of my contract
    • Check to see who else at UM should be given access to the book in prep for my contract ending
  • Julie and Connor together
    • :heavy_check_mark:︎ Textbook elements checklist – make sure it’s up to date

Thanks @julie.doner !

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Hi @jan24-cohort !

I hope you’re all doing well. Just a reminder that we’re nearing our 1:1 sessions for the month of May. If you haven’t done so already, please post your team’s goals for the month and sign up for a timeslot in the sign up spreadsheet (under the tab “Phase 2, Session 2 May 1:1).

Looking forward to meeting with your teams next week!

Hi Kaitlin,
Here are our goals for May:

  • find ways to promote the resource inside and outside RRC Polytech (so far: RED Forum, presentation to regional campus staff, MSC staff, and photography instructors, library blog post).
  • advocate for fall/winter course release to update the OER.