Phase 2 Session 2 1:1 (February 2022 CUNY Cohort)

Hello! Next Thursday, June 30 (for most of you), we will have our first 20-minute 1:1 check ins. We will use my personal Zoom room for our check ins. Here is the link: Launch Meeting - Zoom

I think everyone has signed up for their time, but please take a minute to check the spreadsheet to make sure I have the most updated link to your project and that you have shared some information about what you would like to discuss in our meeting. CUNY TSP Phase 2 Sign-up Sheet 1:1 - Google Sheets

I am really looking forward to our meetings!

@Adrian I have not yet seen you sign up for a time on our schedule. If June 30 does not work for you, I am available other times this week and next.

@mwatson2 @jbrown1

I wanted to follow up with a few resources. I’m still trying to track down the student essay I was thinking of—I reached out to our composition coordinator to see if she could remember where we found it, but everyone is on their well deserved off-contract breaks right now.

Here are some links to look at:
• Our Write What Matters textbook has a section on antiracist readings where you may find some useful material: Anti-Racist Readings and Resources – Write What Matters
• Interesting essay here on Standard American English: The Paris Review - The Limits of Standard English - The Paris Review
• 2013 TED talk (pre emoji!) on how scholars have always policed language. John McWhorter: Txtng is killing language. JK!!! | TED Talk