Session 12: Phase 1 Wrap Up (July M1 Cohort)

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this session, you will be able to:

  1. Evaluate the TSP Program Phase 1 (topics, content, structure, facilitation)
  2. Reflect on your OER project progression throughout Phase 1
  3. Reflect on your personal learning in Phase 1
  4. Set team goals and consolidate your project timeline for Phase 2
  5. Articulate expectations for your own growth in Phase 2.

All the materials for this session are in the Session 12 folder! See you all soon @July22-M-1-cohort

DEI Picture Activity (to be completed during the session)

Find a picture that helps you articulate your learning experience around DEI in Phase 1.


  1. Visit one of the suggested image repositories:
  2. Find and download a picture that represents your learning experience around DEI in Phase 1.
  3. Upload the picture to this thread.
  4. Add a title and a brief description that tells us why you chose that image.
  5. Review others’ posts.

A little messy but relatively wholesome

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Photo by Alex Gorin on Unsplash

Up in the air!

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OER is not a crazy quilt, but there are a lot of pieces that create the whole cloth through a creative thoughtful process.

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Processing: alex-motoc-OEMP9bA6mDo-unsplash.jpg… – Part protest, part knowledge building

np_Friends making silly asparagus mustache in the kitchen_0vdKG4_free

Friends Making Silly Asparagus Mustache In The Kitchen by Flamingo Images from

I think that the people I have met here and the connections I have made have been the most meaningful and I look forward to working with them more and more sillyness like the picture!


Deal Demetrios. Like I said, you and Yvonne have been such a gift to me in this process.

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Was this the image you chose, Vanessa?

Photo by Alex Motoc, licensed under the Unsplash license.

@July22-M-1-cohort – Thank you all so much for your thoughtful feedback and participation at yesterday’s session! Some key updates before the summary:

  • Marilyn and I landed on a time slot for our Phase 2 meetings: 2:30-4:00pm ET on Mondays. Our first session is next Monday. Sessions in the new year will be on the 4th Monday of every month – you will receive invitations from me!
  • @BAmbos may also send invitations for some “work time” on the other Mondays. Marilyn suggested blocking off 2-5pm ET on Mondays — this is optional work time for you to use as you need on your project, co-working with others in the cohort if they are present.

Session Recap

Congratulations everybody! We have now hit a major milestone in TSP: this was session 12 and with that, we have completed Phase 1! We hope that as we worked through our intensive sessions in the last 12 weeks with you, the curriculum has helped you gain clarity on what open publishing entails and all the innovative possibilities it holds for your teaching practice. That being said, there’s still plenty to explore and learn over the coming 9 months as a community of practice, as we move into Phase 2 of the program.

This session saw us do a few different things. We revisited the key takeaways of TSP Phase 1 (see your annotations in the image below), created spaces for reflection, and clarified expectations for Phase 2.

The first part of our session was dedicated to wrapping up Phase 1. I provided a brief recap of the past 12 weeks, before I asked everyone to complete an evaluation. Those of you, who missed the session, please kindly submit your feedback:

In the second part of our session, we looked ahead to Phase 2 of the Textbook Success Program and discussed the following items (alternating between brief input from me and activities done by the participants):

  • I shared what to expect from our monthly sessions going forward and asked everybody present to agree to the expectations (See Slide 12 in our slide deck).
  • I laid out how we can stay in touch asynchronously in between meetings (See Slide 13)
  • We did a final reflection activity where we asked cohort members to reflect on their DEI learning in to the program, and upload an image that best represents this in the forum. If you were absent, please complete this activity as outlined in the handout.

To prepare for our first cohort meeting in Phase 2, please consult the session handout — we’ll discuss goal setting and timelines when we meet.

It’s been wonderful working with you in the last 12 works and l look forward to supporting you going forward as well. Please note that our next session will happen next Monday from 2:30-4:00pm ET.