Session 5 1:1 Meeting Recap

This week, you and I had the chance to meet 1:1 in your project teams. In the discussions with your team or team representatives we talked about:

  1. Platforms you could use for your OER including Pressbooks, Google Sites, and CourseArc.
  2. Timelines for piloting your OER
  3. Updates you could make to your project scoping templates.

Now is a good time to make sure that you’re ready to create or pilot your content. You can use the checklist below:

  • All team members are aware of their roles and responsibilities
  • You have set up collaborative space for team communication and content creation
  • A meeting time with your team members has been set up
  • You have advanced their project scoping and you documented the completed steps in your Project Summary
  • You created a Project Forum and updated your scoping progress/ and calls for external collaborators

Thank you for sharing your interesting projects with me! I am excited to see where we go next.

Thank you for the 1:1 session. It was very helpful in getting our team on the same page about next steps and the importance of regular meetings/check-ins.

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