Session 5: 1-on-1 Facilitator Meetings (July 2022 M-2 Cohort)

See you tomorrow for a 1-on-1 check-in with your teams. If you haven’t done so already, please use the spreadsheet to choose a time during our regular session and using our weekly Zoom link.

Goals for 1-on-1 session with facilitators:

  • Everybody has a clear understanding of who is holding what responsibility
  • Clear understanding of documentation system and communication preferences
  • A draft of project summary exists and has been shared on the Project Forum pages
  • Teams have set up a regular meeting schedule
  • Teams have started to identify and review OER
  • Teams have identified and addressed challenges within teams that have come up so far

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow! :blush:

I apologize for not taking advantage of this opportunity. Would it be possible to still arrange a brief meeting?

Absolutely @scgarvey ! Can you log in a bit early tomorrow…like 15 minutes early? If not, we can arrange for a different time. :slight_smile:

Yes. I should be able to do that. Thank you!

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