Session 5: Meetings with Facilitator 1:1 (June 13th)

Hey @may23cohort! Looking forward to seeing your groups one-on-one tomorrow. You should already have the Zoom invitation, so just jump into our Zoom space at the time your team has signed up for in the 1:1 Facilitator:Team Meetings, May 2023 Cohort

1:00-1:20pm (MST) Deep Sea Biology
1:25-1:55pm (MST) Elementary Art Education
2:00-2:20pm (MST) Applied Calculus

Here are some of the things we’ll move through when we meet. Your groups will shift into a new phase at the beginning of 2023 so my goal right now is just to make sure you’re set up for success.

  • A draft of project summary exists and (ideally) has been shared on the Project Forum pages.
  • You’ve begun discussing roles
  • Clear understanding of documentation system and communication preferences
  • Teams have set up a regular meeting schedule
  • Teams have started to identify and review OER
  • Teams have identified and addressed challenges within teams that have come up so far

Meetings will start on time, just jump on the Zoom call! :grinning: