Useful Links CGRG 2013 Human Geography Cohort D Oct 2022

This thread is where to post interesting URLs for planning purposes or for inclusion in the final OER projects.

National Geographic Society Newsroom

National Geographic Society Newsroom

Ideas and Insight From National Geographic

World Population

World Population History

Our population is expected to grow to over 9 billion by 2050, yet the ability of our environment to provide space, food, and energy are limited. Explore population growth from 1 CE to 2050, see how our numbers impact the environment, and learn about…

I have used videos and classroom ideas from Annenberg Learner in all my geography classes:

I am also a big fan of Ted talks and Hans Rosling:

Ted talks are great! I will have to take a look at your fav. Your Annenberg Learner link is very appreciated.

Look at this timely treasure delivered to me this morning in my Natgeo blog Teach History Inclusively With These Eight Community-Centric Lessons – National Geographic Education Blog newsletter:

The blog link came with 8 lesson plans that I may start using right away in my class this term in the discussion board as we discuss regions. Passion in the links!