About the February '20 Cohort

The second cohort of the Textbook Success Program features 8 open publishing projects from 11 institutions and organizations across North America. :books: See the full list of graduates from this cohort.

Take a look at the projects, teams, and participating institutions:

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@apurva Thought I’d say “Hi”… not sure if this is the way to DM or not.

Wade Shumaker
Penn State


Hi Wade! Thanks for your post :slight_smile: (This isn’t a direct message, but I appreciate it nonetheless!)

To send a direct message, you can follow these instructions:

  • Click your avatar in the top right corner.
  • In the drop down menu, you’ll see a little envelope in the top right corner. Click it twice.
  • You’ll get to a messaging space. On the left, you’ll see an orange “New Message” button. Click that.
  • A messaging box will pop up. In the add user field type the username of whichever user you’re trying to reach (eg: @apurva if you want to message me). Type message. Click the “Message” button.

You’ll also see the option to send a user a direct message when you click on their username. A profile summary will appear, along with a button titled ‘Message.’ You can click on this button to compose and send a message to the user.

I’ve sent you a direct message myself, so you can see what that looks like. :slight_smile:

All right! Got it and thanks.

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Hi Wade! Thanks for posting. We are…

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This is mine.



Hello team! I look forward to learning more and working on this team.

  • JulieM