Finite Cohort Discussion 3-27-23

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The finite cohort decided to copy and paste content from an Intermediate Algebra book that was housed in the Pressbooks Directory, Intermediate Algebra – Open Textbook. We created a PART in our Pressbooks Sandbox, and called it Finite Chapter 1. Then we copied 5 sections from the text, and we created 5 CHAPTERS within that PART. We then assigned chapters for each of us to review and change as necessary. We now understand why so many of the math equations were inserted as images. @ashley.segalla noticed that removing images and replacing them with Latex code is challenging, and we could us some help with learning how to line up equal signs from line to line in the steps to solving equations.

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Since this seems like the materials you all are actually going to use, it might be more straightforward to be doing this within your book shell versus the sandbox. But, let me know what you all are thinking around this.

Let me take a look at lining up equal signs and circle back

For URLs, yes – when a book is copied, the original links are copied too. There is no automated way to address there so you could either (1) remove these links entirely if they don’t seem necessary or (2) replace them using anchors (it sounds like all the links are within the text).

Two things to keep in mind:

The anchor name needs to not have any spaces in it. So instead of “Solving an Equation Algebraically When the Variable Appears on Both Sides,” the name should be something like “solving-an-equation-algebraically-when-the-variable-appears-on-both-sides” (I’d also recommend sticking to lower case as the ID is also case sensitive).

Once the link to the anchor is created, it needs to start with a # symbol. Make sure to save your edits after adding the anchor but before creating the link, or else you won’t be able to search for the link:

  1. Highlight the text you want to hyperlink
  2. Select the link tool
  3. Click the gear icon on the link toolbar labeled Link Options and wait for the Insert/edit Link window to appear
  4. Scroll through existing posts and anchors in your book and select the anchor you wish to link to
  5. Click “Add Link”

The Internal Links portion of this has some videos as well.

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Thank, @emily.frank Yes, we realized yesterday that it is best to work in our book shell, and I copied over all the sections into that book. I figured out how to fix the link issues for the images. Some of them are not necessary, and I will remove them. It’s mostly now the LaTex stuff that we need help with now. We like the look of LaTex equations better than the images that are currently there, but if we can’t figure out how to line up the equal signs for each line when solving an equation, it doesn’t look good, and it is too difficult to read.

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Thanks, @emily.frank! I found some coding that makes it so the equal signs line up, but I’m struggling to make it work. I think part of the problem is that because we’re working in a table where the left column describes what is happening and the right column has the equations. Since each equation is in a different row, the coding seems to break.

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I think it’s worth putting in writing the big changes so that we’re consistent throughout each section:
-we removed the “readiness quiz” at the beginning of the section
-we’re changing the photos in each of the gray boxes to LaTex formulas (as long as we can figure out lining up the equal signs)
-we numbered the practice problems at the end and created an additional section of “Selected Answers” below the practice problems

Did we want to remove the self check at the end? For the section I’ve been working on, I think I need to create a new chart because it references geometric formulas, and I took all of those out. I don’t know if that’s something we need to do throughout all sections if I do make that change?

Hi Ashley,
For the sections with the graphs, I am not sure we will be able to replace all of the “text photos” with LaTex because of the positioning of the graph images. We will have to look at the Graphing sections together to figure that out.

@kellis1 Another one that I didn’t mess with in General Strategies for Solving Equations is the second gray box because the entire thing is a picture. I think for now I’ll leave the ones I’m questioning alone, and if we want to go back later and change them we can. I’ll just change the ones where each individual equation is a picture.

I figured out a way to align the equal signs. I created a new table where there are 4 columns instead of 2. The first one has the directions, second has the left side of the equation, third has an equal sign, and fourth has the right hand side. It’s a little tedious redoing the tables, but I think this will be the easiest way to make it work.

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@kellis1 @rbroussard3 @tspahn
I went ahead and numbered the exercises throughout the section as well, then right underneath it where it gives the answer, I put “Answer: ___”
If you want to change that, let me know. I just thought it looked a little funny with the answer given with no context.

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I think we can remove the Self Checks altogether.

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I agree, Kiel. Let’s go ahead and take them out.

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@kellis1 and @ashley.segalla - thank you both for the constant communication with each other. It sounds like though it is challenging, you all are finding a way to make things work.

I am here if you need me to read through anything in the pressbook as another pair of eyes. I also would like to contribute by putting some H5P activities and videos in the text when the content is there and in the right spots.