GitHub for OER Development

Hi @ryanrandall & @elisabethshook ā€” I wanted to introduce you both to @wernerwestermannj, from our May TSP cohort. Werner is working on a Citizenship Education project in Chile, and has a few questions around the best tools for sustaining and managing OER work over the long-term. Werner, Ryan & Elisabeth are part of this team using GitHub to publish their OER on Information Literacy and are a part of the February TSP cohort. I know both of your topics have similarities in terms of their social importance and impact, and Iā€™m hoping that you can use this space to chat more about this and publishing tools!

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Thanks for introducing us, @apurva! Iā€™m sure that I & @elisabethshook will be glad to chat about this with other people interested in using GitHub for OER development.

Do you have any specific questions at the moment, @wernerwestermannj? I look forward to hearing more about your Citizenship Education project!


Hi @wernerwestermannj! As Ryan said, we are happy to meet with you and discuss using GitHub as an OER platform. In the meantime, if we can answer any immediate questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. :slight_smile:

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