Phase 2: August Group Check-In (October 2022 B Cohort)

Happy Friday @oct22-b-cohort,

Thanks to those who could join today’s session! We started our session off with sharing some project updates and chatting a bit about your upcoming IMLS Milestone of completing your Moodle courses. It sounds like all teams are making great progress on both your Moodle course and your Pressbooks title - keep up the great work!

Since many of you have already started your Fall semesters, we then did a Mentimeter poll to talk about some challenges y’all are facing in the Fall semester and some strategies y’all can use to balance competing priorities. If you missed today’s session, please complete the Mentimeter poll. I’ll leave the poll open for the next week or two.

Reminder that next month’s session in September will be a 1:1 (20 minutes) with your groups. Here is a sign-up sheet for that meeting block that works with your team. With the beginning of a new semester, I understand many of your schedules have changed. If none of these times work for your teams, please let me know and we can find a time that works better for everyone.

I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend and the next month goes smoothly for everyone!

Chat soon,

Hey Kaitlin –

I met with all the Math cohorts this morning, and we settled on times for the 1:1 sessions later this month. The spreadsheet is filled out.

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Amazing - thanks so much, @jeusea ! See everyone next week!

Hi Kaitlin,

I’ll have to miss the 1:1 sessions this Friday because of two meetings at 10 am and 11 am.

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Hey Jared, not a problem - thanks for letting me know!