Phase 2: July Session (July 2022 M-2 Cohort)

Thank you so much for attending today’s session. It’s hot and you’re busy, so I really appreciate your dedication to your projects! Great job in getting those drafts in or soon-to-be-in this week. If for some reason you can’t access those shared folders, please email your docs or links to docs using the Publishing Support Team email:

If you plan to make changes/updates to those chapters in the meantime and after you have turned them in to PST, make a plan to save those notes/additions to input AFTER you get feedback from PST so that they are accessing a static and not ever-changing document/chapter. Put in those changes in alongside the feedback/suggestions from PST once those are returned to you.

So what do you/can you do while you wait for feedback? In today’s session we revisited the potential front matter and back matter for your textbook, which you can begin drafting. Here are some resources shared in session:

  • Rebus Guide to Publishing–workflow for formatting that includes types of things for front and back matter
  • Example 1, Philosopy text–great examples of front and back matter split into short chapters that can be adopted/adapted.
  • Example 2, STEM text–another example of front matter (introduction that includes how to use text, intended audience, purpose statement, elevator pitch) + a form that can be easily adopted/adapted for suggestions/feedback in the back matter.
  • Draft of Intro/Front Matter–this was our team’s first go at an introduction :sweat_smile:. You can see the SLOs listed, courses we targeted, any unique aspects of our text, and sections yet unfinished back then. Feel free to copy/take inspo from this introduction as a place to start for your own book.

Pro-Tip: Reviewing your ROTEL submission document, Project Scoping Worksheet, and Storytelling Worksheets can help you to craft your front matter more easily.

Our next and final :cry: session will be August 15th at 3 p.m. I look forward to seeing you then, but I will probably be in touch via email prior to that date with additional information on deadlines for:

  • your book title
  • front matter/intro
  • back matter (which may include some common statement from ROTEL)
  • licensing

The cover image will be the last stage in the workflow, and Millie will reach out to your teams about this exciting piece.

Take care,