Phase 2 - May Meeting (C-Cohort)

Hi Friends,
See you in just a bit to share out updates since last month. For this session, we’ll give each team an opportunity to share a link/share screen to a completed or new chapter OR Moodle module. The choice is up to each team. When sharing, slowly scroll and explain each area or section. Then we’ll open the floor for feedback on the team’s chapter or module from the rest of the groups.

Next month (June) we will do a 1-on-1 meeting (15 minutes) with your groups. Here is a sign-up sheet for that meeting block that works with your team.

In July, our cadence will move to a weekly meeting with each session having a different focus: review and feedback, formatting, release and adoption, and reflections.

At the end of today’s session, we will take a look at the DEI rubric from Branch Alliance. While you are using your own LOUIS rubric for review/feedback and possibly the Quality Matters rubric, this an additional way to “to evaluate OER with the goal of increasing the number of high-quality, equity oriented, and inclusive OER that represents communities of color” (Branch Alliance).

And finally, for a reminder of general due dates, here is a link to the Milestones document with global deadlines.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Fantastic job ALL teams @oct22-c-cohort on the progress that you have made on your chapters and Moodle modules. I’m really impressed with the amount of hard work and care that has gone into curating those resources for your students–from headings and images to content and LOs. High fives all around, and I look forward to our 1-on-1 meeting in June. If your team hasn’t signed up for a slot yet, here’s the sheet.

Thanks again and a job well done–get some rest this weekend!


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