Phase two - second cohort meeting

Hello @may23cohort! I hope that you are all well, and that this next week you have a relaxing time with family and friends over the holiday weekend.

Our next all cohort meeting is tentatively schedule for November 28th, 3:00-4:30pm EST / 12:00-1:30pm PST.

Project managers (@kundas @minellmr @rbeinart) - would you please check in with your teams and see if this time will still work for us all? We can talk scheduling for the next few meetings then - our meetings now are set for the last Tuesday of each month (either as a cohort or individual teams). Please respond to this message to confirm that it will work.

Tentative topics? We will continue to talk about licensing, and I’d also like to talk about chapter structures and accessibility ideas. What else are you interested in?

Take care!

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That works for us, Becca!

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Thanks, Sue! I appreciate you getting back to me so quickly.

This works for the Deep-Sea Bio team

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Thanks, @rbeinart! We are going to spend quite a bit of time looking at sample chapters and planning that out this next session. Did you get the samples I sent you?

@minellmr - will someone from your team be there next week, Mark? Would you or Crystal be willing to share a sample chapter from your book?

@rsibrian I’ll be there, Becca! I’ll share if Crystal is not able to.

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@may23cohort - we will be meeting shortly, the meeting link is in my calendar (shared by REBUS), but here it is again:

Hi @rsibrian do we have a meeting on 12/19? I think this day is small group meetings with you, but is there a scheduling doc somewhere?

Thanks for checking in, @HeatherOlins, this is on my to-do list today. There isn’t a sign up form, we can do this informally here. @rbeinart, @cknowlton, @jalovett and Heather, what time next Tuesday would work for you all, between 3:00pm and 5:00pm EST? It’s a short check-in, only about 15-30 minutes. And, the other groups thought talking about what team members should be doing to help while other items are being worked on (content creation being the main thing). What else can I help with? Update for the project will be first.

Hi @rsibrian I think we can all do 3pm. Is that spot still available? I think some feedback on our author guide, and what else it might need before we send it out, could be helpful. I’ll give it another read through and send it to you before the meeting.

@HeatherOlins perfect! The Zoom link in the calendar will work perfectly for our meeting next week, and yes, I would be happy to look over anything that you send me. You can do that in a private message here, or in this thread, or directly to me in an email ( If you are working in Google, just share the document with me!

See you all next week!

Hi @rsibrian - I just shared the link to our Author Guide with you. Sorry for the late notice - any feedback would be great! Another thing that might be relevant for our discussion today (based on email with the group) is whether or not to move forward with Pressbooks. Thanks!

Thanks, I just got it! And that leaves me with plenty of time to look through it and think about feedback. See you later today!