September One-On-Ones

Hi @oct22-d-cohort, I should have created this thread yesterday but here’s the reminder the about your calendar event that our September one-on-ones start in just a few minutes! See below for the meeting times for each group. Western Civ II starts at 12:30 PM Central, followed by World Regional Geography at 12:50 PM, etc.

Meeting Times for September 25, 2023

For our September 1:1, I’m going to offer a simplified strategy since all of us will have more complicated schedules than the summer. Instead of offering a scheduling link that each group needs to sign up for, I’m going to just provide you with suggested times for each group to show up on September 25th. If one of the groups absolutely cannot make that time, please reach out to me directly to discuss alternatives. Note that September 25th is a Jewish holiday (Yom Kippur) and that may affect some of your group members’ schedules.

12:30-12:50: CHIS 1023 Western Civilization II 40
Lise Namikas, Natasha Whitton, Sherman Houston Jr., Wesley Welch, Kevin McQueeney, Maya Banks, Connie Milton

12:50-1:10: CGRG 2113 World Regional Geography 18
Peter Yaukey, Neusa McWilliams, Rusti Liner, Jessica Hawkes, Jeffrey Stepp, Samantha Chaisson, Charles Miller

1:10-1:30: CGRG 2013 Human Geography 21
Rusti Liner, Juana Ibanez, Neusa McWilliams, Kayla Siddell, Molly McGraw, Adam Dohrenwend

1:30-1:50: CPHL 1013 Intro to Philosophy 13
Ryland Johnson, Marco Altamirano, Michael Martin, Peter Klubek

1:50-2:10: CECN 2223 Microeconomics 17
Nicole Ortloff, Victoria Palmisano, Brian Sherman, Philippe Lannelongue

Our group will be there at 1:50 p.m.



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Hi Microeconomics team: @nortloff, @vpalmisano, @brian.sherman, and @plannelongue . Brian asked a question about including mathematical notions in your Pressbook. I’ve been told that @poritzj is that person you should be contacting for help with this. You can respond to this thread for help or DM him.